Nanjing SanLe Microwave Technology Development Co., Ltd

About Us

Nanjing SanLe Microwave Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a pioneer of domestic microwave tube development and microwave energy technology application. It led in developing industrial heating magnetrons and forming a series of products in 1973 and has developed more than 100 types of various microwave energy application equipment.
Over the years, it has obtained more than 50 first, second and third prizes of the State, Ministry, province and city-level scientific and technological achievements. It is the birthplace of China’s industrial microwave application technology and a state designated microwave energy promotion and application station. It developed the first domestic microwave magnetron, the first set of microwave energy application machine and the first domestic microwave oven.
In recent years, the company has been actively carrying out the development and production of microwave energy saving equipment and has made some breakthroughs according to the national energy and environmental protection industry development plan. The technology is mature and has industrialization conditions.